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Student Spotlight: Morgan Coram with Zoo Knoxville

If you were to sum up your placement in one tagline/movie quote/song title, what would it be?

“Africa” by Toto

What is one piece of advice you would give your pre-practicum self?

Take it slow and remember that you are learning; you don’t need to know everything when you go in or when you come out, just remember that as long as you try and put your best effort forward you will be just as successful, and more so than if you had never tried.

Describe your most meaningful experience so far:

So far, I think my most meaningful experience has been when I got to do my first animal interpretation, where I was able to hold and talk about one of our ambassador animals (a Leopard Gecko). I was able to talk to people about the animal and it was nice allowing people to touch the animal so that they could experience the animal in their own way.



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