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Student Spotlight: Kacie Pendergrass with Brickey-McCloud Elementary School

NAME: Kacie Pendergrass

HOMETOWN: Cleveland, TN

INTERNSHIP PLACEMENT SCHOOL AND GRADE LEVEL: Brickey- McCloud Elementary School, 2nd Grade

ABOUT KACIE: I enjoy: working hard, traveling, spending time with my family and friends, reading, drinking coffee, shopping at Target, and teaching. I have been an avid UT fan my entire life and love attending sporting events. I am very passionate about finding happiness in all aspects of life, and this is something that I hope to instill in the minds of all children that I work with in the future.

WHAT KACIE LIKES MOST ABOUT TEACHING AND WORKING WITH YOUNG CHILDREN: My favorite thing about teaching young children is simply the joy children offer. Young children are so eager to learn, and radiate joy to those around them. Young children often find the beauty in things that adults take advantage of.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT THE PREK-3 PROGRAM: This program has given me numerous amounts of experience that will help me in my career as an educator. I feel that this program allows teacher candidates, like myself, to become confident in their abilities as a teacher through the concentrated amount of hands-on experience and the assistance of our passionate and inspiring professors.