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Graduate Application

CFS M.S. and Ph.D. Graduate Application

We are delighted that you are preparing to pursue graduate opportunities with CFS. Please read through the application procedures and follow the appropriate links to application materials.

The procedures detailed on this page are for students interested in the general MS (non-ECE) and PhD concentrations.


Application Deadline

The annual priority Graduate School application deadline is January 1.

Applications submitted by January 1 are given priority consideration for assistantships and campus visit invitations. Efforts will be made to consider applications after this date; however, late applicants may miss funding opportunities.

Initial Considerations

Students coming from the Early Childhood Education (ECE) PreK–3 undergraduate concentration who would like to pursue graduate studies for this program should contact their faculty advisor.

Application Procedures

Submit an online application to the Office of Graduate Admissions.
  • The graduate school requires a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.7. However, our students generally have GPAs above 3.0.
Submit official college transcripts and GRE scores. International students must submit TOEFL scores.
  • We do not take any other test forms as substitutes for the GRE.
To finalize the application, the Graduate School requires an application fee of $60.
  • This fee is paid online at the end of the graduate school application process.
Upload a letter of intent and your curriculum vitae (CV) to the “Materials” section of the online application.
  • Please Note: In the section of the graduate application form labeled “Type of Admission,” you will be asked to identify a major and the degree you seek. Enter “Child and Family Studies” as the major and either “MS,” “PhD,” or “MS-PhD” as the degree.

Application Review

Your application will be reviewed once we have received the following:

  • Three rating sheets/letters of recommendation: Ideally all three (but at minimum two of the three) should be academic references who speak to your academic performance and ability to be successful in a graduate program
  • Current CV
  • Letter of Intent
  • $60 application fee owed to the graduate school (or $30 for readmission)
  • Graduate school application (including the departmental application)
  • Official transcripts from academic institutions
  • Official GRE (and/or TOEFL for International Students)

Please Note: Transcripts and test scores will be forwarded to CFS once the graduate school has approved admission. All materials must submitted prior to January 1 to be considered for priority application.


GRE scores are a required component of the application package.

Preference in admission will be given to applicants whose combined verbal and quantitative scores are at least 297. In exceptional circumstances, admission will be considered for students with lower GRE scores, provided their other credentials are outstanding.

TOEFL scores are a required component for international applicants.

A demonstration of English proficiency is essential for admission to our program. English proficiency must be sufficient to allow a student to succeed in thesis and dissertation work, and actively contribute to seminar discussions. Preference in admission will be given to applicants whose individual component TOEFL scores are greater than or equal to 24; alternative forms of the TOEFL test should show similar levels of proficiency.

Quick information:

1. Applications are due by January 1 of intended year of entry. Students usually enter in August, with the start of the academic year.
2. The application fee for new applicants is $60. The application fee for readmission is $30 (including “change of program”).
3. There are two applications that must be completed: the graduate admissions online application and the CFS department application (included in the main online application)
4. The link to the Graduate Admissions website is:
5. The easiest way to find information about the CFS graduate programs is through our website. Any specific questions about this process can be directed to the contacts listed below.

Graduate Contacts

Director of Graduate Studies
Julia Jaekel, PhD

Graduate Secretary
Sonja Spell