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Early Experiences Laboratory


In the Early Experiences Lab we are focused on studying and understanding the long-term effects of early life experiences in multiple and diverse contexts. Our collaborative research is international, interdisciplinary, and integrates a diverse array of methodological approaches. Many of our studies employ biopsychosocial approaches and prospective longitudinal designs to identify developmental trajectories and model risk and resilience.

Team members

Hillary N. Fouts
Jessie Harris Building
Room 116/421
Julia Jaekel
Jessie Harris Building
Room 116/417
LaGraff, MelissaMelissa LaGraff

Research Assistant

Kayla Layton

Research Assistant

Wendy Mclean Cooke

Research Assistant

Lucia MirandaLucia Miranda Reyes

Research Assistant

Alex Tucker

Research Assistant

Marief Zaki

Research Intern

Recent Publications

Bader, L. R. & Fouts, H. N. (2019). Parents’ perceptions about infant emotions: A narrative cross-disciplinary systematic literature review. Developmental Review, 51, 1-30.

Bader, L. R., Fouts, H. N., & Jaekel, J. (2019). Mothers’ feelings about infants’ negative emotions and mother-infant interactions among the Gamo of Southern Ethiopia. Infant Behavior and Development, 54, 22-36.

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Bentley, R.A., Ruck, D.J., & Fouts, H. N. (2019, in press). The delayed effect of added sugars on U.S. obesity. Economics and Human Biology.

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McElrone, M., Colby, S.E., Moret, L., Kavanagh, K., Spence, M., Fouts, H. N., Ellington, A, & Payne, M. (2019). Barriers and facilitators to food security among adult Burundian and Congolese refugee females resettled in the US. Ecology of Food and Nutrition, 58(3), 247-264.

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