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CFS 460: UTK *NOT* in Sweden: Culture, Family, and Childhood


  • My study abroad to Sweden was canceled, but now everyone can enroll in a travel-free version!
  • Learn about Sweden and Scandinavia, including investigations of cross-cultural parenting, “Nordic Childhood,” gender equality, family policies (paid leave, free child care, etc.), comprehensive health care, collectivism vs. individualism, and “benevolent capitalism.”
  • FULLY ONLINE during mini-term! 3 weeks, 3 credits!
  • PSYC has agreed to substitute this as an upper-division PSYC course for PSYC majors and minors.
  • HONORS has agreed to substitute this for UNHO 491 for Honors students (augmented syllabus applies)
  • This class counts toward the CFS Major or Minor!

Questions? Email course instructor, Dr. Heidi Stolz at