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June Global Engagement Champion, Dr. Samara Madrid Akpovo

Announcing Monthly Global Engagement Champion

This content originally appeared in the May VolSphere newsletter.

It is an honor to announce that this month’s Global Engagement Champion is Dr. Samara Madrid Akpovo, Associate Professor in the Department of Child and Family Studies and Director of the Intercultural and Classroom Culture Research Lab.

Akpovo’s research is classroom-based and aims to challenge and deconstruct normative ways of being, feeling, and knowing with children and adults in diverse social and cultural contexts. Akpovo utilizes the Collaborative Online Learning Across Borders exchange program (COLAB) in partnership with the University of Auckland, Melbourne, and Wyoming to engage in intercultural development. Throughout the four years of COLAB, Akpovo’s work has been recognized and awarded on numerous occasions including most recently honored with the Frances Speight Clark Faculty Enrichment and Development Award. Akpovo has also received a Global Catalyst Research Grant from CGE and the Office of Research and Engagement.

Stay tuned for June’s GEC article about Dr. Akpovo’s global research.