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Practicum Student Spotlight: Morgan Mullins


Harriman, Tennessee

Anticipated Graduation Date:

Spring 2020

Who is your favorite professor or staff member at UTK so far and why?

Elsa Nownes, because I can go to her for any help and she is the most understanding and kind professor I have ever had. She meets any student where they are, and is always willing to help students accomplish their goals!

What have you learned (or are learning) that’s made a difference to you?

I have learned that each family and child I meet and work with is different and have different needs. Part of taking these courses is learning how to meet the child/family where they are! I need to be able to adapt to each need of a family in order to better serve them.

How does a Child and Family Studies degree fit into your life’s plans?

I plan to be a therapist, so my Child and Family Studies degree will allow me to learn about the different populations I will be providing therapy to. I will also work with clients with trauma and abuse, so by taking classes that teach about child/family issues, I have an idea of how to work with these clients.

What are you most thankful for from your time as a CFS student, so far?

I am thankful for professors who are understanding that students are people too, and have their own schedules, their own lives, and their own problems. My professors have been ultimately caring and willing to work with any issues I have had.

Where are you completing your practicum?

Helen Ross McNabb Center- Regional Intervention Program and Therapeutic Preschool

How do you interact with children and families in your practicum placement?

I teach children things like emotional regulation, coping skills, and stress management. I allow kids to play and learn in a stress free environment while they work through trauma they have experienced. I also work with parents to teach them parenting skills for their children who have behavioral challenges.

What is one piece of advice you would give your pre-practicum self?

I would work on a sleep routine ahead of time, and not the night before!

Describe your most meaningful or impactful practicum experience so far:

Making friends with the new child who was afraid of being alone. I was able to get to know her, get her to stop crying, and now every time she sees me she lights up with joy. I love her!!!

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