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Caroline Chase

Student Spotlight: Caroline “CC” Chace at Camp-Ba-Yo-Ca

“Ain’t no smoggy smoke on Rocky Top
Ain’t no telephone bills”

Monday thru Thursday, I wake up and head to Camp Ba-Yo-Ca. With no service most of the time and a little fog, Camp Ba-Yo-Ca has been an amazing practicum site. I work with an amazing staff that is supportive and easygoing. The highlight of my practicum experience has been being able to put all the pieces together to create a great weekend at Camp Ba-Yo-Ca for younger children. It really takes a village to prepare Camp for visitors (cleaning, planning, etc.). I have met so many great children who are eager to learn more about their leadership skills and so much more. I was surprised that not only groups from Tennessee come to camp. There are probably more groups coming from out-of-state than in-state this semester. We recently had a group from Mississippi who loved to talk about anything (my kind of crowd). Some of the students were in high school and all they wanted to talk about was what they wanted to major in when they get to college. One of the high schoolers was a freshman and they talked about their goals in life, which really shocked me for someone just now starting high school. They talked about how they come from a small town and how they want to get a great education from a great school (don’t worry I pushed UT in there). Camp has introduced me to so many tremendous people so far. I’m only half way through the semester and so much has happened. I am so excited to see what else Camp has in store for me!

-Caroline “CC” Chace