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Hayley Moran, Meagan Shideler, and Melissa LaGraff

CFS Faculty, Graduate Students, and Alumni present findings and win awards in Minneapolis

Child and Family Studies Faculty and Graduate Students were on the road in early November to attend the National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) annual conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The November 2nd – November 5th conference, which focused on “Families and Human Rights,” drew attendees from universities and organizations from around the country.  The gathering provided a venue for the top minds in the interdisciplinary field of Family Studies to present the findings of their recent projects and to form invaluable connections with their colleagues in the field.

Throughout the week, CFS Professors, Graduate Students, and Alumni participated in 10 presentations on a variety of topics and came away with multiple awards.

Associate Professor Amy Rauer received the 2016 Outstanding Professional Paper/Publication Award from the Families and Health Section for the following work:

Rauer, A., Pettit, G., Samek, D., Lansford, J., Bates, J., & Dodge, K. (2016). Romantic relationships and alcohol use: A long-term, developmental perspective. [Special issue]. Development and Psychopathology, 28, 773-789.

Kristin Anders presented with awardGraduate Student Kristin Anders was awarded the Best Student/New Professional proposal for her co-authored presentation entitled, “Emerging Adult’s Sexual Identity, Pluralistic Ignorance, and Sexual Hookups.” She is pictured to the left being presented with her award.

For more information about the NCFR conference and links to video recordings of selected sessions, click here. See below for the complete list of presentations by UTK CFS Faculty, Graduate Students, and Alumni.

  • Engaging Fathers: Home Visitor Attitudes and Strategies
    • Heidi Elizabeth Stolz, Meagan Shideler, Melissa LaGraff, Hayley Moran
    • Click here for project details
  • The Bio Behavioral Family Model: Examining Dyadic Reports of Relationship Quality and the Impact on Individual Healthcare Utilization
    • Patricia Roberson, Kristina Gordon
  • Me Before You or You Before Me? The Development of Compassionate Love Among Older Couples
    • Allen Sabey, Amy Rauer
  • Romantic Relationship Work: Sharing Our Problems With Parents and Friends
    • Jakob Jensen, Yuliana Rodriguez, Amy Rauer
  • Willingness to Engage in Consensual Non‐monogamy: A Mixed‐methods Study
    • Kayla Sizemore, Spencer Olmstead
  • Emerging Adult’s Sexual Identity, Pluralistic Ignorance, and Sexual Hookups
    • Kristin M. Anders, Spencer B. Olmstead, Erin W. Moore
  • Meanings for Sex and Commitment Among First Semester College Students
    • Spencer Olmstead, Kristin Anders, Kathryn Conrad
  • Considering Marital Instability Within the Broader Family Context: A Focus on Race and Gender
    • Katherine L. Fiori, Amy J. Rauer, Kira S. Birditt, Edna Brown, Terri L. Orbuch
  • Dyadic Analysis of Parenting Determinants Among Early Intervention Families
    • Rhett Billen, Vey Nordquist
  • In Sickness and in Sleep: A Longitudinal Actor/Partner Approach Examining Older Couples’ Chronic Illness and Sleep
    • Amy Rauer, Jeremy Yorgason, Jakob Jensen
Spencer Olmstead presenting his poster

Associate Professor Spencer Olmstead presents his poster