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Student Spotlight – Grace Moon

UTK CFS Community Outreach Practicum

MEET Grace at Department of Children’s Services (DCS)

“I chose this placement because after graduation I would like to work at DCS or another child welfare based agency.

My concern before beginning my placement was how I was going to fill up all my hours until graduation and the thoughts of having to meet new people.

Now that I have started my practicum I have no concerns with my hours. I am able to accomplish the hours I need by the time I have to graduate. Also, the people I work with here are excellent. They just truly are just so passionate about what they do and are positive role models for me and truly to everyone.

It has been very rewarding to be at DCS the past two weeks. Meeting people and connecting to them here and there has been an accomplishment for me. Not only have I met people at the office, but also outside of the office and at homes during home visits.

The most exciting part has been going out on home visits with case managers. I have absolutely enjoyed visiting various foster homes and being more hands on with where I have been working. I started out with reading policies and attending training classes, but going on home visits brought everything together. It has been easier to comprehend more of what the policies were about and what the training classes were for. ”

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