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Important Registration Information

Beginning Fall 2015, there is a change in the fee structure affecting students who delay in registering for classes.  A student who does not register until the first day of class (August 19, 2015) and who was eligible to register beforehand will be assessed a $100 fee (an increase from the current $20 fee). If the student registers after the 14th day (September 2, 2015) the fee increases to $200. This is also applicable to students who register, are cancelled, and then re-register.

This increase is an attempt to encourage timely registration and discourage late registrations which negatively impact the university’s ability to plan course offerings.

Please encourage students to register before the first day of classes.

This applies to graduate students as well as undergraduate students.  Those who sign up to take hours for research experiences, thesis, dissertation, etc. must also adhere to these rules.