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Specialty Areas

CFS student taking notesCommunity Outreach CFS Students

For undergraduate catalog years 2015 and earlier, students must complete a total of three specialty areas of 9 credit hours each, totaling 27 hours. Students wishing to emphasize one specialty area may satisfy two of their three specialty areas by taking 18 credit hours in that area, and thus, may “double up” in a single specialty area.

For undergraduate catalog years 2016 and later, the 27 hours of electives are called “Area of Emphasis” electives.  For more information about these, click here.

Students may contact Sally Hunter or meet with their advisor to discuss their specialty area options. Substitutions may be made to meet specialty area requirements with the approval of the student’s faculty advisor.

Important Considerations

  • The specialty areas designated for teacher licensure students PreK–K or PreK–3 may not be used by community outreach students. Teacher licensure students who choose to transfer to the community outreach concentration should contact Sally Hunter immediately.
  • A course counted in a specialty area cannot be used to fulfill any other course or elective requirement.

Specialty Areas