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Community Outreach Practicum

_DSC3267The community outreach practicum is an opportunity for students to enhance their professional and personal development by gaining practical, real-world experience in their field, by exploring career interests, and by learning more about children and families and the support services available to them. As well, the practicum is an opportunity to contribute to the work of the host agency.

Practicum Prerequisites

1.Senior standing (completion of at least 90 hours)
2.Completion of CFS 405
3.Minimum GPA of 2.5
4.A minimum grade of “C” in all CFS courses[/half]

Mickey & Minnie w Kara & Kimber10.3.2013 020

Practicum Links:

Other Information

  • The decision to take additional courses with the practicum should be discussed with one’s faculty advisor and/or with the Community Practicum Coordinator.


Community Outreach Practicum Coordinator
Juli Dolezal, PhD
419 Jessie Harris Building

Admin. Program Specialist
Rachel Clement
115 Jessie Harris Building