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Jia (Julia) Yan

Assistant Professor, Director of the Child Health, Emotions, Attachment Research Team


Julia Yan is an Assistant Professor in Child and Family Studies and Director of the Child Health, Emotions, Attachment Research Team (Child HEART). Her research uses longitudinal and observational methods to understand 1) what behaviors and characteristics of fathers and mothers, together with family dynamics and broader contexts, may collectively cultivate adaptive emotional skills and protect against biological vulnerabilities, and 2) what factors collectively and interactively shape fathers’ and mother’s parenting behaviors and their adjustment at the transition to parenthood.

We welcome students interested in parenting and child socioemotional development to join Child HEART. I plan to admit new graduate students in 2023-2024.


  • Child development in family context
  • Child emotion and self-regulation
  • Parenting and parent-child relationships


  • Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Sciences, The Ohio State University
  • M.A.S. in Applied Statistics, The Ohio State University
  • M.S. in Human Development and Family Sciences, The Ohio State University
  • B.S. in Psychology, Beijing Normal University

Curriculum Vitae


Yan, J., Schoppe-Sullivan, S. J., & Beauchaine, T. (2021). Paternal antisociality and growth in child delinquent behaviors: Moderating roles of child sex and respiratory sinus arrhythmia. Developmental Psychobiology, 63, 14661481.

Yan, J., Feng, X., Schoppe-Sullivan, S. J., Gerhardt, M., & Wu, Q. (2021). Maternal depressive symptoms predict girls’ but not boys’ emotion regulation: A prospective moment-to-moment observation study. Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology (formerly Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology), 49, 1227-1240.

Yan, J., Schoppe-Sullivan, S. J., Wu, Q., & Han, Z. R., (2021). Associations of parental mindfulness and emotion regulation difficulties with child emotion regulation through parenting: The moderating role of coparenting. Mindfulness, 12, 15131523.

Yan, J., Schoppe-Sullivan, S. J., & Feng, X. (2020). Transactional associations between couple relationship intimacy and depressive symptoms across 10 years. Journal of Marriage and Family, 82, 1197–1212.

Yan, J., Schoppe-Sullivan, S. J., & Feng, X. (2019). Trajectories of mother-child and father-child relationships across middle childhood and associations with depressive symptoms. Development and Psychopathology, 31, 1381–1393.

Han, Z. R., Ahemaitijiang, N., Yan, J., Hu, X., Parent, J., Dale, C., DiMarzio, K., & Singh, N. (2021). Parent mindfulness, parenting, and child psychopathology in China. Mindfulness, 12, 334–343.

Wu, Q., Yan, J., & Cui, M. (2021). A developmental hierarchical-integrative perspective on the emergence of self-regulation: A replication and extension. Child Development, 92, 9971016.

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Zhang, X., Cui, L., Han, Z. R., & Yan, J. (2017). The heart of parenting: Parent HR dynamics and negative parenting while resolving conflict with child.  Journal of Family Psychology, 31, 129–138.

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