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Practicum Student Spotlight: Sarah Harrison-Brown


Sarah Harrison-Brown


Corryton, Tennessee

Anticipated Graduation Date:

May  2019

Who is your favorite professor or staff member at UTK so far and why?

Dr. Hillary Fouts

She was always super engaging and continuously encouraged the class to be thoughtful and respectful of others, especially concerning our field of CFS. She pushed us to give our best efforts and commitment to the course which I personally appreciated.

What have you learned (or are learning) that’s made a difference to you?

I’m learning how to be more mindful of and helpful to a society that has changed a great deal since I finished my previous degrees 10 years ago. Coming back for a CFS degree has really changed my perspective and has inspired me to give my best in a field that focuses so much on service to others.

How does a Child and Family Studies degree fit into your life’s plans?

It fits perfectly into my future, as I plan on continuing my career with UT Extension which focuses on educational programming via 4-H/Youth Development, FCS and Agriculture for children, youth, parents, families and communities as a whole.

What are you most thankful for from your time as a CFS student, so far?

The experience has shown me that I am strong, capable and that coming back to pursue a 3rd degree after a career change was well worth the sacrifice in order to pursue my passion of working with children and youth.

Where are you completing your practicum?

UT Extension FCS/Anderson County

How do you interact with children and families in your practicum placement?

In a variety of ways. Sometimes I am fully involved in the programming and can help in teaching the material. Other times my role is to observe a program and be more of a helper or an active participant. Either way, I am sure to be my usual jovial self, to make myself accessible and to make every effort in getting to know the individuals we are working with.

What is one piece of advice you would give your pre-practicum self?

Don’t dwell on things that don’t go as planned, instead learn from them and keep moving forward.

Describe your most meaningful or impactful practicum experience so far:

The experience overall, being able to serve families as a whole as well as individual family members while using a wide variety of programming that benefits their well-being.

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