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Student Spotlight: Maggie Carroll with the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital Child Life Practicum

If you were to sum up your placement in one tagline/movie quote/song title, what would it be?

“We’re the big kids that help the little kids!”

What is one piece of advice you would give your pre-practicum self?

I would tell myself to figure out your favorite way de-stress and do that as often as you can. Transitioning to a practicum schedule can be physically and mentally exhausting, so pinpoint a few things you enjoy in order to relax.

Describe your most meaningful experience so far:

Although I have only been at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital for a month, I have already been a part of so many meaningful experiences. Being in a hospital can be scary or heartbreaking to some, but I’ve been able to be a bright light in these patients’ dark place. Whether I talk to parents to ease their stress or deliver crafts to a patient, the smallest thing makes a huge difference and I feel honored to be a part of that.