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Emily Hatch NHC

Emily with NHC Knoxville

Emily Hatch / NHC Knoxville

Tagline/song lyric that sums up your practicum experience:

Work is where the heart is.

What has been the highlight of your practicum experience?

The highlight of my practicum experience has been the relationships I have formed with some of NHC’s residents. It brightens my day to walk into work and see an individual become genuinely excited that I am there. Some of these people are struggling with a tough time, and I hope I can help to make the most out of each situation at hand. I recently celebrated a birthday, and a group of the residents sang Happy Birthday to me while showing me much love and appreciation. It feels as if they see me as so much more than a staff member, and that feeling is truly special.

What has surprised you the most about your practicum experience:

I have always thought of myself as a person that wants to work with young children; however, I used this opportunity to branch out of my comfort zone to work with the population at NHC Knoxville. I thought I knew the career path I wanted to take, but I have surprised myself throughout my time at NHC. The most surprising part about my practicum experience is how much I am able to connect with the residents and how much I enjoy it. I love to visit with them while providing support and encouragement. I think that this is the direction that I want to take my career, and I am surprised that it took this short of a time working with this community to figure it out.  These people have so much wisdom to share, and they have the best stories. It is rewarding to feel as if I am contributing to their happiness.