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Katelyn Melton East Tennessee Children's Hospital

Katelyn with East Tennessee Children’s Hospital

Tagline/song lyric that sums up your practicum experience:
Where healing, teaching, and discovery come together.

The highlight of my practicum experience is the people that I have met. In regard to Volunteer Services, I have met a wide range of people rather that is working aside with specialist, meeting nurses/doctors/patients/staff. It has truly been an honor to meet these wonderful individuals and work in such a positive and friendly environment. As I work in the departments, I tend to have a great amount of patient interaction. No matter what the situation or diagnosis may be, knowing that I can bring a smile to these sweet faces mean everything.

While thinking about my experience thus far, I have tackled onto some surprises. However, what has surprised me the most is the babies in the NICU. I did not realize that one of my duties would be to cuddle babies. As I walk around the unit, it is very important to be aware of the babies rather that is through cry or the sounds of their monitors. When I thought about cries in the NICU, I figured it was because these babies were dealing with pain. That is not always the case, most of the time these babies just want to be held and loved on, this is what calms their heart rate and puts them peacefully back to sleep.