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Student Spotlight: Allison with Susan G. Komen of East TN

Stand My Ground by Tom Petty

Highlight: I have had the privilege to work with so many different people of different backgrounds, ages, and walks of life. I have enjoyed listening to stories of survivors and what got them through the toughest time in their life when they had been given only weeks to live. This life is so unpredictable and no matter what comes at you I have learned to push through and am dedicated to work for the men and women who fight for their life each day.

Surprise: I have surprised myself at how much I can be focused on something for such a long amount of time. There will be days throughout the week that I am in the zone trying to get things done and not looked up from what I was doing. I was also surprised that I have been able to go from summer to working occasionally to 8-hour days and done it pretty well I think. I thought it would be more of a transition but thankfully the process has been really good.