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Student Spotlight: Jessie Omer with Starting Points Child Care

“Have a coke and a smile.” –Coca Cola
This is fitting because each day I have a coke with my lunch to give me a little more energy to finish out my day. I am typically pretty tired and having a positive attitude makes the day so much more enjoyable.


The highlight of my practicum has been the excitement of being around children of all different ages. While some ages are harder than others, it has been so great to be surrounded by joyful children (the majority of the time). I know that I want to work with children later on in my career, so this has been a great opportunity to learn up close experience with them. I look forward to continue learning as the semester goes on.


The most surprising part of working at a daycare has been how exhausting and difficult it can be at times. I have never been so tired and I knew that working 40-45 hours a week would be tough, but add in hyper children and that makes it all the more tiring. I have however been pleasantly surprised by how rewarding it is to see a child learning and improving on certain skills because of the time you have spent working with them. I do not think that teaching is where I will spend the rest of my career, but it has been exciting to take part in it for this semester.