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Student Spotlight: Kathryn Kennedy at Hope Resource Center

Tagline/song lyric that sums up your practicum experience: “You’re in good hands.”

What has been the highlight of your practicum experience: Overall, getting to work with such a kind and close-knit staff has been my favorite part. However, a specific highlight I’ve experienced occurred during a baby shower we threw. The mom-to-be we were throwing it for wept as she opened each and every one of her gifts. I don’t have a lot of words to describe it, but there was something very powerful about being in that room that day.

What has surprised you the most about your practicum experience: I have been most surprised by the diversity among the patients seen at Hope. All walks of life walk through those doors. It is neat because even though so many of the women are so different from one another, many of them are all there for the same reason. They are about to become mothers, and their roles in life are about to change forever.