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Student Spotlight: Amy Cross with Knoxville Young Life

Song that sums up your practicum experience:
“More Like Love” by Ben Rector

What has been the highlight of your practicum experience?
Monday nights have quickly become the best night of my week. It is all my favorite things wrapped into one night—eating dinner together as a team around a huge table, huddling together  in the upper room as we prepare all the moving parts, and then hosting an entire barn full of our friends from Bearden for a Young Life club. I love hearing what is happening in the hearts and heads and lives of my teammates. I love watching them be with their friends over the course of the night, in the wildness and the stillness. I love seeing our friends come alive as they sing at the top of their lungs, play weird and messy games, laugh at silly skit characters, listen and lean in to hear what Jesus is like, and then dance until we make them leave. These are the nights that I find my heart beating faster and my eyes always watering.

What has surprised you the most about your practicum experience?
For a while now, I have wanted to see what being on Young Life staff is like. By doing my practicum with Knoxville Young Life, I have had the chance to experience firsthand how it all works. I was surprised at first by how flexible the position is! I’m thankful for the way this organization emphasizes being intentional with my time. This offers such freedom to really do my job well—everything from doing ministry reaching high schoolers, to leading my team of volunteers, and working on student staff.

-Amy Cross