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Student Spotlight – Danielle Munoz-Williams

Meet Danielle at Helen Ross McNabb (Therapeutic Preschool and Healthy Families)

“I chose my placement because Helen Ross is an all-inclusive facility (they serve different populationsDanielle Munoz-Williams for various reasons). The therapeutic preschool helps preschoolers who have had problems adjusting to a regular school setting, so I thought it would be interesting to see how they handled that and what made it therapeutic. Healthy Families was kind of a last minute addition to my practicum experience because of schedule conflicts; however, I am very happy I get to spend time with that program as well because they offer preventive services to families who are having their first child.

What concerned me most was the 510 hours of unpaid work and having to work another job to pay my bills.

I’m still a little concerned about having 510 hours at the end of the semester, but working a regular job as well as the practicum isn’t that big of a deal (which may be different depending on the person). Also, the unpaid part of the practicum isn’t a big deal either because you also get experience that you wouldn’t have had without the practicum and you can use it on your resume.

My biggest accomplishment so far would be putting my education to work. It’s one thing to sit in a classroom and learn about children and families than going out and actually putting that knowledge to work. I feel as if that is quite an accomplishment.

It’s hard to choose one interesting thing. If I had to choose, it would either be getting to help with Mother Goose (another program offered through Helen Ross). It was so cute and super fun!”

If you have questions for Danielle, please email