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Student Spotlight – April Matthews

UTK CFS Community Outreach Practicum

Meet April at Anderson Head Start

April Matthews
“I wanted to do something that involved families working together. I also wanted to do something about the amount of children that are in rural areas not going to school because their parents cant drop them off or cant afford it or for other reasons. After going over the different placement sites that were listed I remembered volunteering at Anderson my sophomore year at UT and enjoined the environment.

I was nervous about going to my practicum and all that they were going to have me do is make copies and staple them but I have already been on several home visits, made calls to parents, and enrolled several children.

When I went on the home visit we got three new children enrolled in head start to most that wouldn’t be a big deal but after months (previous to when i was there) of incomplete paperwork we finally got the last few papers and now those children can begin their education.

I like going on the home visits. It just sends a thrill though my body cause you never really know what you are going to get at first but when you sit with that family by the time you finish their paper work they are smiling and there is no better feeling.”

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