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Student Spotlight – Cydney Hensley

UTK CFS Community Outreach Practicum

Meet Cydney at Young Life

Cydney Hensley
“I have been involved in Young Life as a volunteer throughout college, but I also wanted to learn more about Young Life and Non-profit organizations in general through this experience.

I was worried that my role would be blurred between what I knew of being a volunteer and being an intern because I have been so involved in the past so I wasn’t sure what my role would look like.
The Young Life Staff has been really helpful and have tried to be very clear with my hours spent as an intern this semester. They know it can be hard to know what to count as “hours” so they have been very helpful and clear with their expectations!

I have been able to lead my team with focus because this is essentially my job. Also, I have been able to be thorough in my communication with them.

I love getting to sit in meetings especially when a new idea is on the table. Questions like “What could we call it?” “What time should it be?” “Who do we want to be there?” Getting to be behind the scenes in a whole new way has been really exciting to me – getting to see the process it takes to implement a new idea has been really interesting.”

If you have any questions for Cydney, please email me at!