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Student Spotlight-Andrea Mathews

UTK CFS Community Outreach Practicum

Meet Andrea at Bethany Christian Services

“I chose Bethany Christian Services and Safe Families because I wanted to experience what it was like to work for an adoption agency and to work with a crisis intervention situation for families. I have a heart for adoption and that was one of my reasons for choosing this agency. Also, I chose Bethany Christian Services because I wanted to work in an agency that openly worked with my beliefs and my religion.
I have gotten to see a child being surrendered and willing placed up for adoption by the birth mom.
So far one of the most exciting events I have gotten to see in my placement is actually being able to be in the field and picking up and dropping off a child into a Safe Family during a crisis situation.
I have loved my time at Bethany Christian Services and Safe Families for Children! It was the perfect practicum choice for me! If you feel that you are not getting enough hours—then just be honest with them, and ask for literature to read in your spare time that can count toward your hours—I did and am able to cover just as many hours as other practicum sites. Plus I am able to retain the information to use in the future and it is literature I wanted to read and that interested me!”

If you have any questions for Andrea, you may email me at